Google launches sophisticated algorithms named Hummingbird, webmasters also use cutting-edge way to deal with it anyway, using SEO prenjak. Seo prenjak this is my own opinion based on the experiences that I have found in the search engines about the existence of a powerful hidden tricks of SEO SEO prenjak Prenjak.Saya call, and I hope you are willing to read it because prenjak SEO is very effective in increasing the traffic your blog or website you.

Indiscriminate senior or junior webmaster, if you want to apply this prenjak Seo then your blog traffic will increase in no time marked a slender figure alexa rank quickly.

Understanding SEO prenjak In Optimization Blog | WMI - SEO prenjak In Optimization Blog | WMI -

What is SEO prenjak?
Seo prenjak is a blog optimization through mutual comments relevant to the content of posts on other blogs belonging to fellow bloggers using Google+ Profile. To apply this prenjak SEO we have to multiply Followers Followers Blog and Google Plus.

SEO prenjak different from just blogwalking. If blogwalking just commented to each other that are sometimes arbitrary and does not contain the keywords altogether.

Prenjak SEO is very effective for slimming the figure alexa rank and resilient in the face of Google Hummingbird algorithm. Because every time you publish a new article is finished, then you will immediately get a moment’s successive visits of the Followers Blog and Google+ Followers.This will attract the attention of Google and will become generators quality of your articles in Google SERP.

Why are commenting using your Google Profile Plus?
Because behind the visit will come from google plus so it does not violate Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines.If using Name + URL, it may be in violation of Google’s webmaster quality guidelines if you are excessively commented on another blog in a day.

But if you use google plus profile, then you can blogwalking as much as possible without worrying about violating SEO google, for a visit back will come from Google Plus and it was suggested by google with additional features automatically share on Google Plus.

Why should multiply blog followers?
Because every time you publish a new article it will immediately receive instant visit from the followers of your blog, and in addition you will also get a lot of backlink profile PR-10 of them.

Why comment to be relevant?
Your comments will help add keywords and will be read by search engines. If your comment is relevant to the content of posts on other blogs, then you will be visited through and commented upon by the relevant precious sentence anyway.

This means you get an extra keywords from users and has more value than made your own keywords. Because your post is considered beneficial for users.

Why SEO is called prenjak?
The term SEO is taken from the name prenjak prenjak avian (bird ciblek), where a bird is a bird with a chirp prenjak beautiful that has the power can bring in guests in the legend of the archipelago. In addition, the bird belongs to the bloggers prenjak can beat bird or birds Hummingbird Hummingbird owned by Google since losing big.

With kicaunya are not arbitrary, prenjak birds can bring in guests at your blog and leave comments that do not carelessly blogwalking also from your community and they like birds chirping prenjak answer each other mutually.

Thus the bird hummingbirds will not find a violation prenjak SEO for the visit came from Google Plus blogger and from Followers Blog sanctioned by Google itself, and even highly recommended by google with increasingly dimanjakannya both features.

How to start SEO prenjak?
Please you visit the blogs of people who commented below, and comment there, and do not forget to follow the blog. Do not worry, you will definitely get a visit back without you asking as long as your comments are not carelessly like a beautiful bird chirping prenjak.

And do not get used to you asking for a visit back because it was inappropriate for a high-minded bloggers who request a visit or request follback behind. If you comment and polite and relevant to the content of reading, then you will definitely visit back, if not now maybe later (tomorrow or the day after). Read here Rewarding yourself with a good comment on other blogs .

Blogwalking is a community. If you are commenting on other blogs you follow, you will meet with other bloggers who are one with your community. By frequently met with your community in the comments, it will be interwoven kinship fellow bloggers who are members of the SEO community that prenjak yours.

The longer the number of community members belong to you will grow, and that means support for your blog is also increasing as well. Therefore, take advantage of the power of your community is to optimize your blog based on the principle prenjak SEO guidelines.

That’s it. May be useful. Enjoy the beauty of friendship with SEO prenjak, cemblek cemlir cemblek cemilirrr (indonesia jargon) …