How to resolve the submit button adsense does not work or return to home

AdSense brings me back to the beginning every time I click 'Submit . ' The submit button for adsense is not working or it is home this is one that is often experienced by new applicants and also publiser adsense who want to upgrade hosted account to non hosted .

Of the many problems associated with registration adsense. My own example when upgarde non hosted account to non hosted some time ago, submit adsense button does not work or return home, after brain tweaks and read about the guidance of all the problems with adsense I finally found a solution to overcome it, walhasi sendbutton Function properly. Then what do I do? 

If AdSense brings me back to the beginning every time I click 'Submit'

  • Go to your browser settings menu select Settings
  • Show advanced settings
  • In the privacy section select Content settings

If the AdSense application process returns to the start each time you try to submit it, you may have to change your browser settings by checking the settings of the browser you are using, if you use the Chrome browser enable cookies and SSL 2.0 and clear the browser cache. 

After doing so, try submitting your application again. Delivery is now successful. Admin experience is only up to the settings of this browser send button works properly and delivery is successful, but if you still fail and still go back to the beginning when you use the last (alternative). 

1- Get out of all google accounts, then delete all data and passwords stored in the browser then reset the browser. 
2- If necessary Please remove the browser you normally use for blogging activity (browsing), and make sure your computer still have other browser backup like Mozilla or Internet Explorer, 

3- Download Chrome here with the latest version , open your adsense account and resubmit your application. 

So our explanation how to handle the submit button adsense not working or return home Hope can be a reference and useful for you.