Heres How to Stop UNICEF Donations Right And Easily

Here's How to Stop UNICEF Donations Right And Easy - Many questions about how to stop UNICEF donations from those warriors of children who have been donating who want to stop donating for various reasons.


Here's How to Stop UNICEF Donations Right And Easy - Many questions about how to stop UNICEF donations from those warriors of children who have been donating who want to stop donating for various reasons.

For that reason, I made a post about how to stop the donation of Unicef correctly and easily to help the child warriors who have taken part in ensuring the survival, development, and protection of Indonesian children who want to stop making donations for certain reasons that make them unable to give donate at Unicef ​​Indonesia again.

But before I tell you how to stop UNICEF donations correctly and easily, I also want to explain what Unicef ​​is and how Unicef's role in Indonesia hopefully will make you interested in becoming a Unicef ​​Indonesia donor as a Child Warrior who participates in fighting for the rights and welfare of each Indonesian child and mother.

What is UNICEF?

UNICEF is an abbreviation of the United Nations Children's Fund or in the Indonesian language is the United Nations Children's Fund.

Unicef ​​is a United Nations organization established to provide humanitarian assistance and the development of long-term welfare for children and their mothers in developing countries.

In Indonesia, Unicef ​​has existed since 1948. At that time UNICEF was focusing on providing emergency assistance to prevent the famine on the island of Lombok in the early days of Indonesian independence.

A year later precisely in 1949, finally the first official cooperation agreement between Unicef ​​and the Republic of Indonesia was signed with the aim of building a milk kitchen in Yogyakarta which was the center of the new government of the Republic of Indonesia at that time.

Then in 1969, UNICEF and other UN organizations were involved in providing technical assistance in the first Five-Year Development Plan from the Government of Indonesia.

And UNICEF's involvement has expanded over the next several decades to cover a broader range of programs which all have a goal of continuing to help realize the rights of children and women in Indonesia.

The role of UNICEF in Indonesia today

The role and efforts of Unicef ​​at this time are to continue to support the Government of Indonesia to continue to prioritize the rights and survival, development, and protection of children by assisting national partners in monitoring and measuring progress towards children's rights through the Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2018 during the devastating earthquake and tsunami that occurred on the island of Sulawesi, it was noted that UNICEF became the first UN agency to send post-disaster emergency supplies to the disaster area.

Unicef ​​together with the Government continues to help 1.4 million people in Sulawesi and Lombok affected by the earthquake and tsunami, including 475,000 children.

In the same year, Unicef ​​together with Government partners and civil society returned to the second phase of the national immunization campaign by vaccinating nearly 70 million Indonesian children to avoid an outbreak of measles and rubella.

And at Brebes, Unicef ​​has supported the Back to School initiative with 7,000 children having the opportunity to return to formal and non-formal education.

And of course Unicef ​​will continue to strive to continue to improve health, education and the environment, and offer hope for a brighter future for Indonesian children.

How to donate at Unicef ​​Indonesia

If you are interested in supporting Unicef's commitment to ensure that no Indonesian children are left behind, you can take part by contributing through donations.

Donations or donations that you give will be very meaningful to help improve the lives of children throughout Indonesia.

How to donate at Unicef ​​Indonesia is quite easy, you can channel your assistance via ONLINE or directly through the account provided.

Here's how to make a donation on Unicef ​​online:

  1. Please enter the Unicef ​​site .
  2. Then please select the type of donation and the amount of the donation you wish to give.
  3. Furthermore, please provide personal data such as name, e-mail, and telephone number.

Here you can choose how to donate via credit card, bank transfer, internet banking or convenience store. But for routine types of donations, donations can only be made through credit cards.

And for more details, you can contact:

  1. Donor service: (021) 80662100
  2. To donate: (021) 53170999 or 021) 25508200
  3. Via e-mail:

Or you can also visit UNICEF Indonesia's office directly at World Trade Center 6, 10th Floor, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 31 Jakarta 12920, Indonesia during operating hours Monday to Friday 09.00 - 17.00 WIB.

And here is a picture of how to donate Unicef ​​to make it clearer.

Heres How to Stop UNICEF Donations Right And Easily | WMI -

How to Stop UNICEF Donations

If you are a donor with a routine type of donation from UNICEF Indonesia, but you want to stop donating at Unicef ​​Indonesia due to financial and other reasons, then you can stop being a regular donor. The way to stop this Unicef ​​donation is by contacting the Donor Service during operational hours every Monday to Friday from 09.00 - 17.00 WIB:

Here are 2 ways to stop donating Unicef, namely:

  1. Contacting Donor Services via Phone: (021) 8066 2100 stating that you want to stop making donations regularly.
  2. Contacting Donor Services via Email: with the subject Stop Routine Donations.

Well, that's a brief post about what Unicef ​​is and how Unicef's role is in Indonesia, how to become a donor and how to stop donations from Unicef Indonesia, hopefully it's useful.

This Is How To Stop UNICEF Donating Right And Easily
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