Winged Hairband
Winged Hairband
2021-08-31 / Maulinda Agustina


  • Blueprint (Buy to Npc in Sophila)

  • Feather Decoration Chest Location

    Goto Fog Swamp F1

    Feather Decoration Chest Location
    Feather Decoration Chest Detail Location

  • Mysterious Yarn Chest Location

    Goto Fog Swamp F2, near house of NPC named Robin.

    Mysterious Yarn Chest Location
    Mysterious Yarn Chest Detail Location

  • Vitalization Dust Chest Location

    Goto Fog Swamp F3, large purple and dark green trees, with early trees appearing bright blue and forming a circle.

    Vitalization Dust Location
    Vitalization Dust Chest Detail Location

Video tutorial

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