Fishing in the legend of neverland is an important activity to collect fish and then sell them and get ‘water essences’. Water Essences are used to buy ingredients in the cooking shop. You can see the recipe at Cooking Recipes.
You can cook buffs for your character or make dishes to increase the level of Fairies you have.
This time you can auto-fish using bluestacks and macros.

Auto Fishing | WMI -

Calculating the fishing actions

  • 1 bottle = 300 staminas ÷ 5/action → actions .
  • 1 fishing = ±7-8 secs (we take 7 secs)
  • 7 x 60 actions ⥱ seconds ÷ 60 secs (1 min) = minutes to finish 1 stamina bottle


  • First of all, make sure the position of the stamina bottle in your inventory/bag is in the second slot
    Auto Fishing | WMI -
  • set repeat actions with the total stamina bottle you have, or my recommendation is to subtract a little from the total stamina bottle you have. for example you have 55 bottles, set just 50 repeat actions, this to prevent other items to be used unexpectedly/unintentionally.
    Auto Fishing | WMI -

How to download script

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Auto fishing script

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How to import script ?

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