12 Best Blog in Indonesia in Various Topics

A few days ago I idly googling the keywords"Best Blog in Indonesia"

After I check one by one from the first page to page ten in Google, the average contents are the same. A list of the best blogs in Indonesia if it is not on the blog, most of the SEO and online businesses.

Why is that, Bro?

Most bloggers assess the popularity of a blog only from Alexa ranking. Though the name is Alexa totally inaccurate. Perhaps for rank 1 to 500 is still arguably accurate, but if it is above 500, it can not be used as a reference for popularity of a blog.

Blog that discusses blogs, SEO, and online businesses, tend to have a low Alexa ranking for average visitors a blogger. How come?because most bloggers installed the Alexa toolbar on your browser.

As my friend knows, the Alexa toolbar is one tool used by Alexa to determine the ranking of a website.

Now therefore, in this post I want to display a list of the best blogs in Indonesia that I value is not based on the ranking of Alexa, but based on the originality of the content, quality of content, number of followers on social media, and the age of the blog.

Also below I show the source of income of each blog. Source of income is only an estimate, so it can be properly and could also be wrong.

Here is a list of the best blog in Indonesia Mas Sugeng version:

1. radityadika.com

12 Best Blog in Indonesia in Various Topics | WMI - http://sugeng.id/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Blog-Raditya-Dika-800x392.png

Who does not know Raditya Dika? Raditya Dika is a writer, comedian, actor, actress, model and director from Indonesia. In Indonesia, Raditya Dika is known as the author of humorous books. Writings that come from his personal blog that is then recorded. Simple .

2. omkicau.com

12 Best Blog in Indonesia in Various Topics | WMI - http://sugeng.id/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Blog-Omkicau-800x382.png

Blogs that quite often I visit even just for downloading MP3 Sound Bird by coincidence my father mempeliara hobby birds.

3. iwanbanaran.com

12 Best Blog in Indonesia in Various Topics | WMI - http://sugeng.id/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Blog-Iwanbanaran-800x387.png

Create a buddy who automotive hobby is certainly often visit this blog. Admin This blog frequently appears in MotoGP qualifying event at 11 pm on trans 7 as a commentator.

4. blogdokter.net

12 Best Blog in Indonesia in Various Topics | WMI - http://sugeng.id/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Blogdokter.net_-800x398.png

Blog health topics that are quite popular with a number of twitter followers reached 1 million.

5. www.enigmablogger.com

12 Best Blog in Indonesia in Various Topics | WMI - http://sugeng.id/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Blog-Enigma-800x392.png

This blog was formerly located at xfile-enigma.blogspot.com but now has changed the address into www.enigmablogger.com.This blog is very popular because it discusses mystery stories in the world in detail and depth.

6. www.shitlicious.com

12 Best Blog in Indonesia in Various Topics | WMI - http://sugeng.id/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Blog-Shitlicious-800x408.png

Blog Shitlicious a misguided student blog immortal named Alitt Susanto. Se-astray if the blog? please can check his blog directly.

7. dzofar.com

12 Best Blog in Indonesia in Various Topics | WMI - http://sugeng.id/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Blog-Dzofar-800x405.png

Beginning the first time I know this blog when it first was learning to draw vector. I used to read and read the tutorial vector in this blog, just love my own adminnya now rarely write vector tutorials.

8. www.agusmulyadi.web.id

12 Best Blog in Indonesia in Various Topics | WMI - http://sugeng.id/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Blog-Agus-Mulyadi-800x403.png

Blogger named Agus Mulyadi is renowned for its expertise in photo editing using Photoshop. Thanks to his expertise, Agus Mulyadi was a guest star in several television talk show in Indonesia.

  • Topic: Personal
  • Facebook fans: 5,819(https://www.facebook.com/AgusMagelangan)
  • Twitter Follower: 9182https://twitter.com/AgusMagelangan
  • Age Blog: 2 Years
  • Sources of income Blog: Sell Books, …?

9. www.benablog.com

12 Best Blog in Indonesia in Various Topics | WMI - http://sugeng.id/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Benablog-800x401.png

One other personal blogs are quite popular in Indonesia, namely benablog.com. Having a sufficient number of twitter followers, reaching 1 million.

10. blogodolar.com

12 Best Blog in Indonesia in Various Topics | WMI - http://sugeng.id/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Blogodolar-800x400.png

This blog may not have a lot of followers on social media, but this is the first place my blog to learn blogging. I like this blog because the content is mostly from personal experience. In contrast to most of the blogs on the topic “blog” if it is not the result Copas, usually just from writing.

11. www.bagas31.com

12 Best Blog in Indonesia in Various Topics | WMI - http://sugeng.id/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Blog-Bagas31-800x400.png

Actually I was not no intention of entering this blog to the list of the best blogs in Indonesia. The reason is certainly because of the content that is mostly about software piracy . But because later may be going to a lot of protests in the comments so I enter it.

12. Blog buddy here

12 Best Blog in Indonesia in Various Topics | WMI - http://sugeng.id/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Blog-Sobat-di-Sini.png

Blog blog which the last is my friend. Yups, your blog is not likely to be one of the coolest blog in Indonesia.

  • Topic: What ever
  • Facebook Fans: 20 Million
  • Twitter Follower: 15 Million
  • Youtube Subscribers: 5 Million
  • Age Blog: -10 Years
  • Sources of income Blog: What aja


That is a list of the best blogs in Indonesia Mas Sugeng version. List blog above most I got from a recommendation of friends on facebook . I thank you very much for those who are giving recommendations.

In addition to all 12 blogs above, I am sure there are many other blogs that did not lose cool in Indonesia. Please understand if not all of my input into the list because I do not have enough time to assess all the blogs that exist in Indonesia.

Why no one is the topic of SEO, blog tutorials, and online businesses

Because I want to change the mindset of a beginner blogger, that in order to create a popular blog does not need to create a blog that talks about blogs, SEO, blog tutorials, and online businesses.