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Safelink is one option blogs download or url redirect is used by many people, because of the benefits and usefulness Safelink itself is to increase the revenue from advertising on the Internet and put it on the blog Safelink, aims to secure your link and show your ads on the blog Safelink that, with the help of base64 allow your link to be safe as before leads to the link destination, the link to the blog Safelink beforehand, so automatically the link will be converted via javascript, without having we convert it, so it is highly of banned google adsense if the Safelink blog for your own personal or blog.

In contrast, if you use the url Shorte or from Safelink adfly heading other blogs first, because we are going to create your own blog as a blog on without having to enter the url because it can automatically put a link in addition to the url internal, or we can choose which domains should we aim to Safelink your blogger blog.

The Tutorial blogger v3 Safelink making process is going a bit complicated so please direct practice I will share all the scripts and templates results of my modifications.

For a demo please visits Safelink v3:

The following features of the Safelink blogger v3:

  • The template is responsive made with Bootstrap framework
  • Already mobile support
  • Articles can be fickle stay desesuaikan own number.
  • There are three ad slots stay you adjust it yourself
  • Already using SSL to a blogspot
  • Manual and Auto Safelink
  • Wait time loading bar
  • Anti right click
  • anti adblock support

Before starting the manufacturing process leaving you to first download the following ingredients:

Yo, if you’ve downloaded all the ingredients, it’s time to air-mumet-ria to assemble Safelink this v3:


  • Use notepad ++ software to make for easier editing scripnya
  • protected_links to protect urls do not want to want to hit Safelink
  • Replace ADVERTISING CODE HERE with your ad script
  • Posted can you add more to make it safe to install adsense ads
  • Turn off mobile template responsive template that can run Safelink
  • Enable HTTPS redirect on blogspot blog ssl buffer that runs
  • You can modify that as you want, good luck. If you have any problems, you can comments this article.

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