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Impact SEO

Impact SEO For Your Site - If my friend blogger already know dong what is SEO ?.
SEO stands for “I Weve O’oN” wkwkwk thats true I O’on, but whatever (O’on is jargon from indonesia), what I mean here SEO is Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization. Well, anyway SEO problems, this time the blog admin most handsome want to try to review a little bit about SEO, namely the impact of SEO for your site, even my own less familiar with SEO: p.

What is the impact of SEO for your site, how it looks like a lot of people who love to talk about SEO. Is that SEO can make our site is cool or what? Well, to answer the confusion pal (though I confused), below I present some of the impact of SEO for your site that need to mate know (already use “You” continues to use “friend,” not consistent wkwkwk):

1. Make Your Site Design Ugly

Lah anyway, what weve do the same SEO website design? Yes obviously there is dong, SEO it will make less buddy or even ignore, the design of the site, because my friend thinking more about how to become # 1 in the search engines. As a result, the design of your site to be ugly and messy.

2. Your Site Being Lonely Visitor
Silly, right SEO purposes so that visitors so much, why so quiet anyway? Yes, weve really SEO is the goal to increase the visitors, but if my friend is not serious and is not consistent in doing SEO, then your site will be empty.Moreover, if my friend think too much about SEO excessively without paying attention to quality content present buddy, do not expect the site mate will have a visit in abundance.

3. Your site will be branded as the site Abal-Abal
Ancur site design, content is not qualified, then eventually the site mate would be labeled as fake websites that do not provide any benefit for visitors. This is all due to my friend too busy with SEO without thinking about how to make the site look and how to present a piece of content that can provide benefits to visitors.

4. Your Site Could Be Site Copas
Every day preoccupied SEO, SEO, and SEO until-until felt did not have time to create quality content. Finally, as a shortcut friend chose to be a Copasser and pal sites became Copas sites whose content results copied from other websites.

Well approximately so some of the impact of SEO for your site in the eyes of people who do not understand SEO. Approximately apologize and do not forget the criticism and advice.