How to Remove a URL ERROR Automatically on blogger

How to Remove a URL ERROR Blog Automatically

you may never experiencing an error in the blog url that many hundreds. to see it, we can see it in the webmaster. With many crawl errors. you may be able to remove the url that the error by the webmaster, but what if the error banayak the hundreds. certainly exhausting not delete one by one url error. for that I will give way to remove or prevent indexing error on the blog url.

How to Remove a URL ERROR Automatically on blogger | WMI -


Why error URL lot on your blog?
error url mostly because we remove content or page us…and still much to cause many errors in the blog url.

why should mengapus url error?
the reason is very simple because the more url errors that affect the health of your blog, if many errors indexed url on your blog that your blog could be ignored by the search engines which lead your visitors dropped dramatically. so keep your blog clean of everything that is related to the word error. :)

How can that not many blog url error?
The first way is to avoid the cause of your blog url error. not prevent better. the latter often was watching blog in webmaster. What if there is a url that error please immediately delete it. but if the error url been indexed search engine, usually having removed the next day appeared again but long kalamaan will be deleted permanently you just need time, and kesabaaran.

Then how to remove a blog that many url error?
I never experienced banyakanya blog url error in the amount that is 341 url error, I am also confused why could happen much. and there was a notice on the webmaster and peringtah to check the health of a blog, it causes errors hundreds url earlier. but within a day I can mengahpus url without fatigue delete one by one url error.

so to see it this way because this way berdsarkan my own experience and has been tested at the ITB and IPB. huh :) but you do not need to be too serious because of how extremely easy.

<b: if cond = ‘data: blog.pageType == & quot; error_page & quot;’> <meta content = “noindex, nofollow ‘name =’ robots '/> <meta content =” noindex, nofollow’ name = ‘Googlebot’ /> </ b: if>

then Paste under the
  • Save Template
  • Furthermore, you have to do is wait a day and check back url error. if there is a rest please delete itself because it only removes the tag urls indexed Blum error. so if there are remaining error that means the url that is already indexed.

    The only way to delete the error ULR blogs automatically and easily.

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