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  • Increasing popularity of using PHP in mobile app development
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Overview of PHP programming in Android

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  • Advantages of using PHP in Android
  • Challenges faced in integrating PHP with Android

Getting Started with PHP in Android

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  • Creating a basic PHP app in Android

Utilizing PHP Features in Android

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  • How to handle server-side requests in Android using PHP
  • Integrating database connectivity with PHP in Android

Best Practices for Using PHP in Android

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  • Tips for optimizing performance in PHP-based Android apps
  • Common mistakes to avoid when using PHP in Android

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Official php5-cli installation on android by L3n4r0x (php Running On Android Terminal) -> This Repost From My Another Blogs <- You can visit it on or

Install PHP for Android CLI or Web Server | WMI -

How to install php5-cli in android

  1. Busybox For Programming Support ( Read And See Here)
  2. Terminal Emulator ( Download Terminal Emulator)
  3. Install PHP for Android CLI or Web Server | WMI -        Code BB For PHP Server ( Download Server For PHP APK )
  4. Internal min ± 300 MB free
  5. ROOT Explorer ( Download Root Explorer Pro )


  1. Install Busybox and The Module
  2. Install Server Module For PHP and its php
  3. Open Terminal Emulator, type the following code this:
chmod 755 $data/files/*
chmod 755 $data/lib/*

Or you can also manually set permissions 755 in /data/data/com.eminis.server.php/ all the files in the folder “files” and “lib”

4. Open Root Explorer, open the folder /data/data/com.eminis.server.php/files/, “press and hold” file named php. (See screenshot)

Install PHP for Android CLI or Web Server | WMI -

Click hold, then click on the option menu (top right corner)

Install PHP for Android CLI or Web Server | WMI -

Click on the options menu, select the “link to this file”

Once the link is copied, immediately go to the dir /system/bin/ (see screenshot)

Install PHP for Android CLI or Web Server | WMI -

/System/bin/ click I marked above

Done. Try test open the Terminal emulator. Type the following code:

php -v
php --help

Install PHP for Android CLI or Web Server | WMI - /2017/04/instal-php-cli-pada-android-instalasi/terminal-preview.webp

Installation Results Above

[*] Features:

* Pure PHP v.5.4+ - v.7+ server with modules:

core | session | standard | date | ereg | libxml | openssl | PCRE | sqlite3 | zlib | bcmath | bzip2 | calendar | ctype | curl | dom | hash | fileinfo | filter | ftp | gd | gettext | gmp | spl | iconv | intl | json | mbstring | mcrypt | mongodb | mysqlnd | mysqli | oDBC | pdo | pdo_mysql | pdo_odbc | pdo_pgsql | pdo_sqlite | pgsql | Phar | posix | pspell | recode | reflection | mysql | simplexml | soap | sockets | exif | tidy | tokenizer | WDDX | xml | XmlReader | xMLRPC | XMLWriter | xsl | zip | cli_server | mhash ssh2 | opcache | Phalcon | yaf | yar | iD3 | lzf | oauth | quickhash | bbcode | xmldiff | xdiff | rar | gender | stats | EIO | judy | mailparse | rpmreader | spl_types | yaml | ev | inotify | weakref | xdebug | dba | Imagick

! If you need MySQL or MariaDB Server: Download MariaDB Server For Android
! If you need MongoDB Server - moNERIngAo Server: Download MongoDB Server For Android

So I Install PHP in Android | Php run in a terminal emulator android . Hope it helps, when confused comments only. Or call me at Dimas Imam Nawawi (Dimas Lanjaka) .

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