Hi Buddy , Now I want to share for free template that is Tempo Evo Magz Version 5.0 Clone Super Fast Loading , Is a special template blogger by Mas Sugengwhich is very famous and phenomenal and widely used by the bloggers in making website, which I edit To maximize his loading more. (Fix Eror)

I do not mean to precede updates from him, I just learned to edit the template a little bit.
Differences With The Original Magz EvoTemplate Anything?
Actually Nothing different, I took this from evo magz free template, and if you are interested please buy premium version in Mas Sugeng own. The differences may be that I subtract in terms of the same existing look added as well. Certainly forEvo Magz Version 5.0 Super Fast Loading Version , without error rendering java script or css.

Immediately wrote the following features Evo Magz Version 5.0 Clone Super Fast Loading:

Download Evo Magz Blogger Template Version 5.0 Clone Super Fast Loading | WMI - https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Z1TBK-4l9zQ/V8gjaxUDCZI/AAAAAAAAB0U/hP_YpKpX2HUSmc6EDoJTG-7UYr3xVzIFACLcB/s640/Capture.PNG

  1. Fast Loading Version Page Speed ​​Check
  2. 100% Responsive
  3. Custom - Mobile Version
  4. SEO - Optimized
  5. Ads - Optimized
  6. Fully Customizable
  7. The Awesome Ready Font
  8. Breadcrumb Navigation
  9. Auto Readmore
  10. Related Posts Widget
  11. Share Buttons (using version from arlina design)
  12. Tab View Widget
  13. Recent Post Widget
  14. Numbered Page Navigation (better navigation)
  15. Back to Top button
  16. Custom Error page
  17. Font Robotto
  18. Valid Structured Data Testing Tool
  19. Fix Eror Render Jquery, CSS
  20. Button Download, cool demo
  21. and others