Easy Ways to Make About Us On Blogger Widget

Do you need to feature the About Us on the journal and don't recognize how?
Okay, during this article i will be able to provides a tutorial on the way to produce a journal concerning USA.
About Us itself serves to tell guests concerning the journal and conjointly the author of the journal. to urge started, following tutorial:

  1. Login to your blog
  2. Click the Pages or Pages in Indonesian
3. After that, click the New Page

4. After Write down who wants to mate tell to visitors like, about
blog, about the author etc.
5. Then click Publish to publish

6. Finish

Once completed, we now show page at Blog.

  1. First, my friend into the Layout or Layout menu
  2. Then click the Add Widget or Add Gadget
  3. Select Pages or Pages in Indonesian

4. Then click the Add icon
5. Completed

Guys, you may likewise can put the About Us voluntarily mate with the URL, yet on this event I simply indicating it by means of the gadget page as it were.