How to add pages in blogger or blogspot

As with any other CMS, bloggers also features pages or what we call static page or pages or static pages.This feature sometimes we often overlooked. The page or page and post or posts are very different. Post normally we make and we make the content of the article while the static pages are typically used for content related to an article. Pages will not appear in your home or porch like a post.

This article I will show you how to create or add new pages to your page or blogger.

Immediately, here are the steps you should take:
1. Please go to your blogger
2. Then please go to the menu page.See the picture below:

Cara menambahkan halaman di blogger

3. Then please click on the new page menu in the top navigation.Please see the image below:

Cara menambahkan halaman di blogger
4. After that you just fill in the entry title and content for your page. See sightings after you go to the new page:

Cara menambahkan halaman di blogger

Little caption above:
The title of it is filled with the title of your page.
Text editor html or visual here means the button compose and HTML, if you want to enter text only better you get to compose but if you want to include some sort of code HTML, css or javascript then you are required to sign in to HTML, because then if you compose her enter the code you entered will compose a form of writing in your content. This feature should understand because there will be some tutorials that might require HTML features, such as creating a sitemap, contact page and others were written in HTML instead of in compose.
Content fill your content here.
Key consists of four, namely to publish, save, preview and lid, if you want to publish your page then press the publish button, if you want to save as a draft, then click Save, if the page you want to view before publish press preview, if you want to go back to page menu then press the lid.

5. The last step you just press the publish button. So your page is already finished and can be seen at the visitor, you entered just stay in your navigation menu, navigate to the settings will be my love tutorial.

Easy is not it, please be creative with your page.