How to Get Free NET Domain September 2017

How to Obtain Free Domain NET September 2017 - Assalamualaikum Dear Friend, Hope we are in good health and in his protection.So long time I did not post on this Blog. On This Time, Will provide information about the existence of free NET domain from EXABYTES . It's been a long time for this .NET Free domain, but only this time there is a time to post.

Domain Gratis
Free .NET Domains
To First
Get Free Domain NET September 2017
  • You should visit
  • Keep Select " REGISTER NOW "
    Cara Mendapatkan Domain NET Gratis Juli 2017
  • Enter the domain you want to register / take
  • Enter your URL (Facebook Page / Shop online / Blogspot).
    (Try the URL Similar to the Domain you want to get, let me accept)
  • If so, Select Continue / Pay
  • If at the time of Step 4, Please Enter Private Information
  • If Already, then you will get the Order Number .
  • Please Open your email, it will see an email like this
  • Wait a few moments, it will receive an ACTIVATION email
  • After you activate his account, wait the fastest 1x24 hours.
  • If your domain is accepted, it will get a VERIFICATION email
  • And, Congratulations Getting a .NET Domain From EXABYTES