How to reproduce like on fanpage facebook

How to reproduce like on fanpage facebook ??This question may often arise when we create a fan page on facebook. What’s so good to see the fanpage that the likers are our own ?? Like a house without occupants .. let alone in pairs on the blog ?? Waduh .. shy - maluin … 

Therefore, this time we will love to know how to reproduce like fanpage buddy. To my knowledge there are 2 ways that I think is powerful to add like facebook fan page. The first one that I think the most powerful and the most efficacious is through the promotion path. Like a product, our facebook page should be promoted, both on facebook users and through our blog. 

For the 2nd way through Youlikehits .. 
What is youlikehits ?? 
Is a website that offers its members to get ‘like’ for free or paid. 

Not only that sob! For follower on twitter can also be … for more, better dude quick list de .. free while .. hehehe 

Here’s how to register at Youlikehits 

1. Log into the Youlikehits site (

2. Enter the data requested on SignUp then Click sign Up like the following picture. 

3. Like the picture above, my friend who managed to register can directly log in to your buddy youlikehits account. After login, my friend will be asked to leave the verification code as shown below. 

4. Open incoming email at the email address you registered earlier. (Open in new tab) 
5. Retrieve the verification code on the email that has been sent. view image 

6. Enter the verification code and click Activate . 

Well now your account is finished, it’s time we go in the essence .. 

7. After clicking activate, my friend will go straight to your dashboard . 

8. Because the trick this time is to add like on the facebook fan page , my friend click facebook then click on add an account 

9. Enter your facebook profile and also your fanpage page then click refresh like thefollowing picture. 

10. Choose payout 9 as shown below. 

11. Then click Ok. 

12. Like one by one fanpage like the following view.

13. Click on the article I’ve Liked This page to let you know that my buddy has been firing the fanpage. 

You will get 50 points per day by clicking on Claim 50 Free Point Daily . 

So and Hope Help and help like fan page ane ya !!! Entar ane reply ngelike !!!