Tutorial Install Perl On Android:

Install perl on android 2017 | WMI - https://imgdb.net/images/3178.png

  1. Download BugTroid Pro Apk -> Download

    Install perl on android 2017 | WMI - https://imgdb.net/images/3177.png

  2. Run the BugTroid Pro app.

  3. click Icon android (Android pentest).

  4. scroll down and select -> Scripting -> select Perl4android, click install then wait for the process to complete.

    Install perl on android 2017 | WMI - https://imgdb.net/images/3176.jpg

  5. after Perl for Android is installed, run the application, then click Install and wait until the process is complete.

  6. Install Root Explorer (rootex).

  7. Run the Root Explorer ( rootex ) -> Click Mount r / w, then go to: /data/data/com.googlecode.perlforandroid/files/perl/

  8. Chmod 755 file named perl.

  9. copy the file named perl to: / system / bin / or /system/xbin/. (Symlink Is recommended for this step -> Read How to Symlink file on android.) then chmod 755.

  10. If done -> run the emulator terminal (Terminal Emulator).

  11. Now just run the perl file through the android emulator terminal (Terminal Emulator) -> type:
    * su
    * perl /path/to/script.pl

Finish you have installed Perl on android.