Access XAMPP Apache  MySQL via Android Smartphone
XAMPP is a complete package containing apache web service, php, and MySQl dbms

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On this occasion, I will share my experience in configuring XAMPP (Apache + MySQL) so that your Android Smartphone can access your WiFi network. Before you can do that, need to prepare the required software, namely:
  1. Apache XAMPP, can be downloaded at: Apache XAMPP
  2. WiFi network, or if not connectify-me.The connectify-me function is to turn your laptop into an AP ( Access Point ) if you do not have a WiFi network. If you have a WiFi network (modem telkomsel speedy, for example), then just connect your laptop to the network. For connectify-me you can search on google because this softwareis paid. If both these alternatives can not be obtained, can also be used facilities of theterter Wi-Fi onAndroid.The way is quite easy, just turn on Wi-Fi Thetering, then enable Wi-Fi on your laptop / computer, then connect 🙂
  3. Android Smartphone certainly 🙂
For XAMPP and connectify-me stay installed by default. To use connectify-me, you can search in google, or here .For configuration steps for local server (XAMPP) accessible via Android can follow the following steps:
  1. Connect your Android to the AP (WiFi network), or if you do not have a WiFi network can use Connecitfy-me for direct connection to the laptop.
  2. View the IP on your laptop by using the command (on the console / terminal) " ipconfig ". On Android you can see through the command " ifconfig ". Write down the address, try pinging each address to see if the connection can be done.
  3. On the laptop (computer), open the Control Panel-> Firewall option. There select the Inbound Rules option, select then locate on the right side of the blockedApache HTTP Server . Right-click the item and select properties .The properties window will appear, then select on the General tab .Change the selection from Block the connection toAllow the connection .Do the same to mysqld .
  4. Akses XAMPP(Phpmyadmin) lewat Android
    Access XAMPP (Phpmyadmin) via Android
  5. Open your Android browser then type the computer’s IP address (laptop) followed “/ xampp”, or eg if the IP address of the computer is, then it can be entered URL: Congratulations, you can access your local computer server via Android!
The first tips from Me this time, hopefully bring benefits to the readers of all, Wassalammu’alaikum!