There is one of the bloggers on the comments asking about how to blog can search on google.

Virtually every we post a new article or we update Google has a direct index of our posts. There may be some need to wait a few hours, but usually no more than 24 hours.
Furthermore, how we can see the position of our posts on the blog or search engine owned by Google. If the position is under a hundred may not be a problem to find. But the problem of how if it is above one hundred and even several hundred, of course we are a little difficult to find it.
Here there is a service that may be my friend try. We can use this service to find out the position keberapa key words that we use on the blog.
Usually the first time Google will index the keywords in the title of the article that we make, so we have to utilize well in making titles.
In this layanana friend just enter the blog address and keywords friend use.

To start taking advantage of these services friend can go to:

  • Select a state or remain at
  • Enter your friend use such keywords that the page title or the title of the article.
    Suppose here I enter the keywords to the title SEE BLOG POSITION ON THE SEARCH ENGINE
  • Enter the domain address belongs to my friend eg
  • Then click GO FOR SERP
  • Wait until the process is complete, and can be seen in what position my friend’s blog.