Kind of marketing in online businessThe ultimate goal of all Marketing efforts is the creation of sales and purchase actions. Just as with online business and internet Marketing, the creation of a transaction is final. There are so many kinds of efforts and efforts that can be done to achieve that goal. So also many media that can be used to support the success of this effort.

In particular here is an effort made for the purpose of the creation of action purchases by costumer in online business which further we are familiar with the term
internet Marketing. In short, ‘Internet Marketing’ is a Marketing effort done on the internet. What are the types and types of ‘internet Marketing’ in order to create successful sales in the online business? let’s look at one by one. We often hear a lot of terms related to internet Marketing such as, SEM (search engine Marketing), email Marketing, salesletter, pay per click (PPC) Marketing and the most popular and widely used today is video Marketing and social media Marketing.The following brief explanation of the kinds and types of Marketing in the internet business may help:

Search engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine Marketing, is a type of Marketing effort that is done by using search engine (search engine) as the medium. It is about how to get the top 10 positions of search engines or at least on the second page of serps with our niche keywords. Being on the first page of search results is clear to visitor arrivals coming through related keywords.Visitors who come to the website will see the content of the website and this is where the role of search engine Marketing is. Actually the extent to which the role of search engines in this intended Marketing? basically its role only bring traffic. But traffic coming from search engines is not just any traffic, because most or more of them are targeted visitors according to keywords. This is the best source of traffic and visitors in online business and internet Marketing. But this is also the toughest because it is related to SEO or search engine optimization. Mastering SEO or at least understand SEO is a major need when wanting to use Marketing through search engines.Again this is about competition against thousands or even millions of competing keyword-themed sites alike.

E-mail Marketing and salesletter

Email Marketing and offer mail or salesletter. This is also the type that until now still be you are the world-class marketers in Marketing their products online on the internet. How does this email and salesletter work? You must have received an email containing a description, a story, a solicitation and anything that eventually led to a or some links to visit instead. That’s email Marketing.How it works is to send an email to someone or several people en masse that contains the things above and eventually lead to one direction of ‘sales’. Email is the medium and the salesletter is the content. How to get an email address to send salesletter? this is a little difficult because it takes the process and the correct method. It could actually get an email address from the collection or ngumpulin one by one from anywhere, then sent an email. But this will obviously be considered spam. How to get this correct email address is common through the subscribed form and is usually linked directly to an ‘autoresponder’ service (not free) that will store and set up email addresses to be sent legally and correctly so it is not considered spam. We will discuss email Marketing and salesletter more deeply in other post insyaallah.

PPC or pay per click Marketing

When talking about traffic, the type of visitor or traffic from PPC is called by the term ‘paid traffic’ or traffi that we can buy. Remember there are two kinds of traffic ie, organic traffic and paid traffic. Well in a nutshell PPC Marketing is a product Marketing efforts through advertising with pay which is calculated from each click on the publisher.According to many webmasters this is the easiest way to get traffic, even beginners can be adept at using it and get ribuah traffic overnight only. Join to the site PPC site, do sign up, follow the instructions and wait 1 hour then traffic will come. That’s all there is to do.Google Adword (whose ads appear on AdSense and on the right of the SERPs page) and Chitika Premium is the most popular and most popular PPC example used by the world’s internet marketers. In the local environment there are also many PPC site sites like Kumpulblogger, AdSenseCamp, Kliksaya and more. But there are many real issues about local PPC that we will discuss in other posts.

Video Marketing

Getting visitors by using video as a Marketing medium is one of the best at the moment. Make videos and upload (upload) to sites of famous video sharing sites like Youtube and so forth. How does video Marketing work ?. The uploaded video is public (Youtube) which means anyone can access it.Well from this video, as in Youtube there is a video author and watermark facility that can be used to put link links. Well from there visitors come. There is almost no specific requirement to upload videos like on Youtube. Any video can be stored there and ready to be watched by internet users around the world. Back to video Marketing, the problem is how a video is liked and watched by many people. Many things we can include in videos that attract many visitors. Just as with a keyword in SEO, create (upload) a video that if a lot sought and liked people.

Social media Marketing

As we know users of social media like facebook and twitter so much far above melampui other media on the internet media. Therefore also social media, especially facebook and twitter to be the best internet Marketing medium. How does this work? easy. Suppose you have 1000 friends on facebook that means there are 1000 people who will see your update. What this means, that means if 10% just clicked the link included in your status update then it is 100 visitors. Is not this very good ?. Also use facebook fanpage, facebook note and so forth.It’s free. There is another option that is to put an ad on facebook. Advertising on facebook also uses PPC or pay per click system. This is also considered the easiest way to get traffic.Just put an ad on facebook, and take a look at a few hours later visitors come to your site. That’s Socual media Marketing.

That kind of sorts and types of media types commonly used on the internet as a Marketing tool and online business. Using all the existing media and trying to take all the opportunities of getting traffic and visitors is very good in the success of business on the internet. This can be a powerful and deadly way if it combines and uses all of them together and professionally. What about bloggers all? have you used it all? or even have not used any of the media internet Marketing above? I am interested to know in the comments … hopefully useful.