Some free domain provider sites forever

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Beberapa situs penyedia domain gratis selamanya

Some free domain provider sites forever

How sob have read and practice posting before it? Which inform
about Hosting unlimited and free domain forever hmm if it is and find problem with its domain fitting really ne I
want to give info about some free domain provider for your blog and website.

Ngomongin about the less obvious domain it feels if we do not understand what is a domain?

DOMAIN is our website or blog address. Domain used to facilitate visitors to
remember the address of our blog / website. Therefore, we need to
have a domain name that is easy to remember.

The core domain is the name of the blog or website address that we
make on the internet, Facebook for your visitors not to stray where
and show ownership of content on the internet.

So how to get a domain?

If you use the blogger platform then you will be given a domain
that ends up there name of example:

If in wordpress will be like:

It can be spelled out also with domain hosted property of a
platform to create a blog or website and if the domain selfhost or tld like what min?

Domain TLD usually must be purchased first site hosting provider
usually have hostinger, rumahweb, niagahoster, bluehost, godaddy,
qwords, etc.

The general price of the tld domain is usually between
115,000-120,000 depending on who you want .com, .net. Id or

But not infrequently there is also a cheap domain
in each promo that cost up to 15. 000 an hmm already like buying
yak beans.

Ok we go to the main topic, For you who are bored with domain
hosted like, and want
to make your blog / website look more professional without having
to spend capital you can use some free domain
provided by the site below:

Free Domain .ga / cf / .ml - please come here -

.tk Domain -

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Freeavailabledomains -

Hopefully this post can be understood and you can directly practice
on your blog / webiste yourself, Do not forget to share ya!