How to Play PS2 Games on Low-End Laptops Easily and Without Lag

In the era of the 2000s, the PS2 console was known to bring a myriad of valuable experiences to its connoisseurs. But along with the development of the age and age, not everyone seems to be strong enough to defend their PS2 console to be able to play it until now. Whether it's because it's already been sold or it's already damaged.

If you are someone who currently feels this situation, don't feel like giving up if you really want to insist on enjoying the fun of playing PS2 games again. With the capital of a potato laptop and optimal emulator settings, how come you can return to realizing your nostalgic desire in the ways that we have shared below.

Download PCSX2 on Laptop
PCSX2 Preview

First of all, please download the PCSX2 program on your laptop. The way to download it is easy. You only need to visit then look for the "Download Get PCSX2 here" button and select the OS you are using. If you have selected the OS, the next step is to download PCSX2.

This download process will not take much time. Because the file size is only 6.9 MB. If it has been downloaded, you can directly install the software yourself.

The process of Installing and Setup PCSX2 on a Laptop
PCSX2 Install Preview

next, just try to install PCSX2. When you open the downloaded program, there will be options for "normal installation" and "portable installation". It is highly recommended to choose the normal installation settings and keep going until later you find the configuration as shown in the next image.

PCSX2 Setup Preview

In this configuration section, you can click PAD and select the controller you want to play with, whether it's a keyboard or a joystick. If so, click "next" to go to the BIOS configuration page.

You yourself can't immediately play PS2 games on a laptop because PCSX2 always requires a BIOS to start it up. So, please download the following PCSX2 BIOS here. Then, please immediately move the BIOS files into the installation folder as shown bellow.

PCSX2 BIOS Preview

After that, you can return to the BIOS configuration page and click "refresh list". PCSX2 will automatically detect the BIOS that has been placed in that folder. If it is loaded, you can just select the USA BIOS and click "OK" as shown bellow.

PCSX2 BIOS List Preview
How to play PS2 games on a laptop using PCSX2

After successfully passing the configuration BIOS stages, later you will be faced with a PCSX2 display like the one above. In here, you can directly select the games you want to play.

But before you can play PS2 games on a laptop, you must first download an ISO file from the game.

After the iso file is downloaded, you can go directly to CDVD -> Browse, then select the ISO you downloaded earlier.

After that, go to "System" and select " Boot / Reboot CDVD (full) ". Later, PCSX2 will load your game and now you can start playing.

Optimize the experience of playing PS2 games on a laptop using PCSX2

In order for the game session to be smoother without any longer, you need to take the time to do at least overhauling the settings in PCSX2. Also, please note, this optimization also depends on the specifications of your laptop. You can click on the " Config " tab and select " Emulation Settings ".

On the GS Window page, select the screen ratio you want to use. If you don't want to be disturbed by the appearance of other software , You can take the 16: 9 screen ratio option by simply window size according to the capabilities of your laptop. When it has been determined, just click " apply ".

The next step, you can press the " Config " tab again then point the cursor to Video (GS) and click " Plugin Setting ”. Here, you can adjust the maximum power of the laptop you have.

If you don't have Direct3D11 , you can use Direct3D9 ( Hardware ) or DirectD10 ( Hardware ) in order to maximize the performance of the game being played.

Advantages of Playing PS2 on a Laptop

Even though the method seems a bit complicated for beginners, there are many advantages that you can get when playing PS2 games on a laptop. Like being able to play anywhere, so that its accessibility does not need to use a TV to play. In addition, the graphical display when using an emulator like PCSX2 will be maximized. Especially if you have high-end specifications. However, make sure that you have a gamepad so that your playing experience is maximized.

This is the best way to play PS2 games on a laptop for those of you who might miss this 2000-born console. Hopefully this method can be useful enough!