Check config yaml

check your _config.yml

root: /
# Home page setting
# path: Root path for your blogs index page. (default = '')
# per_page: Posts displayed per page. (0 = disable pagination)
# order_by: Posts order. (Order by date descending by default)
  path: '/'
  per_page: 10
  order_by: -updated # updated | date | -date | -updated
  pagination_dir: page

Check the URL and Paths:

Ensure that you are accessing the correct URL.
Hexo may be configured to generate content under different paths.
For example, if your site is located in a subdirectory, you might need to access http://localhost:4000/subdirectory/

Reinstall Dependencies:

Sometimes, issues can arise from corrupted dependencies.
You can try deleting the node_modules directory and reinstalling dependencies:

rm -rf node_modules
npm install