Install MariaDB on Termux

 Install MariaDB on Termux  Install MariaDB on Termux

as in my previous article about termux, ( Termux, a Linux in Android ). Termux is a Linux system that uses Android. this time I want to share a little about how to install mariadb or the database server in termux . of course, by installing the database we can run the database server whenever we want. so that we can have portable database applications that are suitable for our application demo (if by chance the programmer might understand, there's no need to bother opening the PC if only for database application demos).
 Install MariaDB on Termux
Maria DB Installation Process
to install Mariadb just type
  #apt install mariadb 
wait a while until finally Mariadb has finished installing the system. after mariadb is complete then run the following command, to install the basic data
then type the following command to start the mariadb service
when finished, we can see that the maradb database is available in termux, and we can log in to the database with the command
  #mysql -u root -p ***** 
where the ***** is your password, if it doesn't happen to be filled then the contents should be blank. if you have successfully logged in, it means that Mariadb has been successfully installed. if you want to secure or change the root password, you can type the following command:
will appear several steps and you can enter a new password for root which happens to be empty. in the next article I will discuss how to install php and install a web server so that in the end we can create a simple web application using thermux which we can show as a real application demo on the client . okay see you in the next article Okey Donkey and see you again.