Termux, a Linux in Android | WMI - https://images.weserv.nl/?url=https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p162-Lwo8Fxms5LAJ8IpICqtsT-3ziYMoy-WdSM66_jCQboVvfB8qU9c0KU3gzg_yqLE1iQAMyhVe8eRzi8=w1080-h1920-rw-noTermux, a Linux in Android

You are a Linux lover, like to play with the_Linux operating system_ , accustomed to using the_Linux_ console . You are also an Android user, like Android . iyup termux is a linux emulator .said linux emulator because here we can install console-based Linux applications that are like other Linux applications, such as_MariaDB Server_ , Apache Server, FTP Server , Samba Server and even SSH Server .

Termux, a Linux in Android | WMI - https://images.weserv.nl/?url=https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ghyitbyrvquXK8iDjVjzYeuTlL8EJV0JAzrJzpnIIlX0XApl0FmVkI9YsfafrrMnOXdnTZKrbX3xkMzUhBg=w1080-h1920-rw-no

I can do Linux commands directly on my cellphone.

_termux_is an application and also an emulator, we can maintain the android we have, do the sudo command (need root) or even become our cellphone as a mini server for various purposes. for those who like to use Linux times to test network security, this application is suitable for you, we can install various security applications that run on the console .for example I can run htop in termux and the following results.

Termux, a Linux in Android | WMI - https://images.weserv.nl/?url=https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/bfoTXU6_-fNYxQPM5euwmy9ca3N5-R_OxE6HDEy0PTYJ-Awqn1XTNKymm3A2izIEvhwtauqM-k6rwW0hIaU=w1080-h1920-rw-no

HTOP in termux

the point is termux is a complete linux operating system that has been ported in such a way as to run on android. the difference with Linux installers on other Androids (as in my writing Install Ubuntu on an Android phone ), if the Linux installer on other Androids on average use the OS itself which will cause very heavy and must be booted every time you want to run, termux uses direct operating Linux__system that is the basis of Android. so what we change using Termux will also change Android (because Android is actually a Linux application that runs on top of the Dalvik Virtual Machine, while Thermux, for the UX problem he joins Android , but the core system goes directly to the Android Linux system).

Termux, a Linux in Android | WMI - https://images.weserv.nl/?url=https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/p162-Lwo8Fxms5LAJ8IpICqtsT-3ziYMoy-WdSM66_jCQboVvfB8qU9c0KU3gzg_yqLE1iQAMyhVe8eRzi8=w1080-h1920-rw-no

MariaDB running server directly from HP. next time I will share how to setup it.

as I said before, we can install various Linux applications in termux, for example I installed Maria DB and run it, besides that I also installed Apache server so I could use the web, and as a result I have a portable server on my cellphone. then what’s the question for? if by chance you are an IT practitioner working here and there, here and there, applications like this are quite helpful in emergencies. maybe next time I will post about how to install it, so I’ll see you in another post, Okey Donkey and welcome to Website Development Indonesia