September 28, 2022 8:26 PM
A marine fish with hard skin, strong tail, sharp teeth, and a spindle-like body. It has no swim bladder and has to keep swimming to avoid sinking to the bottom.
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What is the use of the Shark
    How to get Shark
    • Go to the Auction House to obtain it.
    • Go fishing inland in the Eastmount Riverine Plains to obtain Shark.


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    1. Lv.1 (Grey Grade)
    2. Lv.2/Common (Green Grade)
    3. Lv.3/Uncommon (Blue Grade)
    4. Lv.4/Epic (Purple Grade)
    5. Lv.5/Legendary (Orange Grade)
    6. Lv.6/Mythic (Red Grade)
    7. All food buffs last for 15 minutes


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