Material Coriander



October 4, 2022 5:26 PM
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What is the use of the Coriander

    How to get Coriander

    • Go to the Auction House to obtain
    • Gather coriander to get.

    Cooking Recipes Using Coriander

    Buddha's Temptation

    Recipe Name Buddha's Temptation 1
    Material Hoof Sinew
    Crab Claw Meat
    Bird Wing
    Coriander Powder
    Any Mushroom
    Device Stove or Camp

    Fried Pork In Scoop

    Recipe Name Fried Pork In Scoop 1
    Material Job's Tears Powder
    Any Meat
    Any Lv.5 / Lv.6 Crop
    Device Stove or Camp

    Strange Meat Skewers

    Recipe Name Strange Meat Skewers 1
    Material Any Meat
    Any Meat
    Coriander Powder
    Device Stove or Camp

    Coriander Spawn Locations

    Coriander is randomly spawned